TeleCounseling: a program for excessive gambling

If you want to get help to better understand what pushes you to gamble and if you are determined to let go of your gambling habits, the TeleCounseling Programme is here for you. This free therapy service is given entirely over the phone or by videoconference.

How does it work?

This programme includes:

  • An assessment of one hour and a half;
  • One-hour telephone appointments or videoconferences with a counsellor to address 6 topics surrounding excessive gambling: motivation, finances, erroneous beliefs, triggers, relapse prevention and retaining what was learned;
  • 4 telephone follow-up appointments at 1, 3, 6 and 12 months after the end of the programme.

You will receive a Participant’s Workbook, as well as, a Daily Journal, allowing you to find potential solutions regarding excessive gambling.

It is a suitable approach for people who prefer over the telephone to in-person appointments; for early intervention; for people with difficulties getting around or even for people reluctant to ask for help within the healthcare system (where they may themselves work).

Please note that no medical opinion or referral is needed to participate in this programme.

How to participate?

By calling 1-800-461-0140, you will be given information about the programme by a Gambling: Help and Referral counselor. You can also contact our team directly via e-mail by clicking here.

The TeleCounseling Programme is funded by the ministère de la Santé et des Services Sociaux. The more than 1 000 people who have completed this programme have noticed a change in their gambling habits, whether it be a complete or a partial stop (cutting down on visiting gambling sites or allotting less money for gambling, etc.)