The suicidal risk for people addicted to psychoactive substances and gambling is a lot higher than for the rest of the population. For the loved ones of these people, it is often difficult to know how to help the person they love and prevent a suicide attempt. That is why the Together: SEDS program was developed.

A collaboration between addiction and suicide prevention services

Financed by Appui for caregivers, in collaboration with the Suicide Prevention Centre of Montréal (SPCM) and the Information and Referral Center of Greater Montréal, Together: SEDS is a free help service for caregivers of people with an addiction, whether to psychoactive substances, gambling or video games and who pose a suicidal risk.

This service will enable caregivers (parents, adult children, friends and partners) to receive help and follow ups, over the telephone or by videoconference, with a counselor specialized in addiction and a counselor specialized in suicide prevention. This series of meetings will allow caregivers to get support, tools, information, awareness and referrals, if needed, on two fronts: addiction and suicidal risk.

If you wish to get help, contact us at 1-800-461-0140 or chat with us, bottom right of screen. You must be 18 or more.