Our counselors trained in intervention
with gamblers will know how to help and assess your needs.

Intervention Methods

Counselors who respond to the requests at Gambling: Help and Referral hold Bachelor’s Degrees in either psychology, criminology or social work. In addition, many of them have completed certificates in substance abuse, mental health intervention, youth intervention, victimology, etc. Other than schooling requirements, counselors must possess the following criteria:

  • Excellent knowledge of counseling techniques;
  • Empathy, maturity, sense of responsibility, as well as, being a good team player;
  • A non-judgmental attitude;
  • Impeccable verbal skills in French and being comfortable in understanding and speaking English;
  • Relevant professional experience is an asset.


The counselors answer various calls, assess callers’ needs and suggest appropriate courses of action and referrals. They must often use their good judgment seeing as how they are faced with diversified requests that exceed the therapeutic framework and require immediate solutions.